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About King's Ely Mentor Match

Our mentoring scheme aims to boost our students' ability to prepare for life after school and improve career decision making by matching student mentees with suitable mentors.

However it's much more than that. It's a learning and development toolkit built upon the twin foundations of mentor matching and a learning diary, which support a wide range of learning and development resources. All accessible from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, irrespective of manufacturer and operating system.
As well as the facility to match mentees to mentors, you get

  • The Mentor Match Me Guide to Mentoring
  • Templates, directions and a road map for the mentoring journey
  • A learning diary for every participant
  • Learning resources for employability skills
  • Students can achieve significant benefits by being matched to a mentor.


Please note, in participating in the King’s Ely mentoring scheme you agree not to exchange contact details at first. Initially, contact will be via this e platform. Mentors and mentees may find it would be useful to meet later on, for example to arrange work experience, at this point please inform the school, via Gill Smith at King’s Ely.

How Alumni Mentoring Can Benefit Students

  • You will learn that successful leaders were once just like you - ambitious but maybe a little uncertain.
  • You will be able to explore careers that have caught your interest and find out more about them from the people who are already doing them.
  • You will get insight into potential career fits and whether your skills, personality and passion would be suited to specific careers.
  • You will get insight into the different routes you could take to achieve your career goals; university degrees, apprenticeships etc.
  • You will be able to access support, professional development and guidance before you enter the world of work.

How Mentoring Current Students Can Benefit Alumni

Alumni can gain from:

  • The ability to pass on your experience as a student, employer or employee
  • A chance to use your communication and leadership skills and knowledge of life after school
  • The satisfaction of helping students enhance their career development strategies
  • A new perspective on your professional and personal experiences
  • Networking with fellow alumni
  • Opportunities to stay connected with your school community
  • The chance to raise your company's profile within the local community
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